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Equip parents to homeschool special-needs children

I read with interest the report “650 more day activity places for adults with disabilities by 2021” (Jan 8), which mentioned that the Autism Association will pilot a programme for caregivers to be trained by professionals to teach their special-needs children independent-living skills. I believe that we can go further to encourage and equip parents…
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Let Talents Lead when Teaching Kids with Autism

Academic achievement and life skills seem to be emphasised when educating children with autism ("Day centre in Clementi for adults with autism"; Jan 8). Perhaps the objective is to reduce the burden on caregivers: The children are preoccupied with academic studies, so they don't get into trouble. They also learn basic skills to take care…
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Book of the Month: Capturing the Motivation of Children

This month, we selected a book that we think would allow parents to have a more complete understanding of how to deal with their child’s lack of motivation. To help an individual with autism learn critical new skills and willingly participate in social interactions, a parent or educator needs to know how to capture the…
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