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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training is an evidence-based method of teaching which utilises rewards (i.e. reinforcers) during the process to educate appropriate behaviors and responses to children.

Our ABA-VB approach makes use of ABA principles and teaching procedures alongside the VB methods of teaching language based on its function and the motivation of an individual. Our intensive ABA training sessions are conducted in unique, engaging and interesting forms, because it is our goal to motivate our learners to want to learn.

Therapy hours provided for a child may range from 15 hours to up to 40 hours for an intensive ABA training programme. Lessons are usually arranged in 3-hour sessions. Typically, the duration of treatment is around 2 years, or until support is needed. The hours needed would depend on the specific learning needs and goals of your child.

Our Individualized Educational Program (IEP) for your child follows the WebABLLS/ABLLS-R (Revised Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) and AFLSonline/AFLS curriculum and focuses on enabling your child to acquire critical communication, learning and functional skills.


At our centre, we seek to empower your child to reach his or her maximum potential with ABA training, which equips him or her with the right set of tools. We have our Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Registered Behavior Technician and highly qualified therapists who can astutely tap into the learning needs of children and enable them to lead more fulfilling lives.


If your child has special educational needs, then the best option you have at your disposal is ABA training. Our therapists are well-versed in the ABLLS-R (Revised Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills) curriculum, which essentially is an assessment tool to help them gauge a child’s abilities and skills. Our IEP aids us in creating a well-structured training plan for your child who may be suffering from cognitive or language delays.

The ABLLS-R curriculum as a part of our ABA training program is a revised edition of the original ABLLS, designed by Dr. Mark L. Sundberg and Dr. James W. Parrington. The 2006 revised version of the assessment has improved the measurement of some of the original abilities and skills. Moreover, it has developed a sequence of section progress and developmental order and can help in determining the following in children:

  • Communication and language abilities
  • Motor skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Social interactions
  • Academic abilities



By conducting this assessment, our therapists conducting your child’s ABA training get an understanding of the potential obstacles that could be standing in the way of your child’s learning. It helps them to identify the necessary skills that their child has to build in order to effectively communicate and interact with the world around them. Helping children acquire vital life skills is a fundamental focus of our ABA training program — something that our therapists consider with dedication and seriousness.

Our ABA training program’s detailed ABLLS-R criteria-referenced assessment is most commonly used for training children diagnosed with ASD or who have other developmental delays and disabilities that are impeding their academic and social growth. However, it is suitable for anyone who experiences or has experienced delayed development of basic communication or life skills.

The ABLLS-R assessment of our ABA training program is divided into two books that work together to help our therapists accurately assess your child’s current skills. We use the ABLLS-R Protocol to assess your child’s performance. On the other hand, we follow the ABLLS-R Guide to get information on the features of the assessment, how to accurately score different items, and the methodology to set IEP goals through WebABLLS.

Our goal behind conducting the ABLLS-R assessment is to get a holistic understanding of your child’s skill set. Each child has the ability to acquire and hone new skills, but some of them may require external assistance to set off their latent ability.

That’s exactly what we seek to offer through our intensive ABA training by observing your child’s behavior in each of the prescribed 25 skill areas. This is a complete assessment of your child’s behavior that provides insights into what needs to be done.

For instance, there’s a “Motor Imitation” section in the ABLLS-R, where the instructor must make physical movements and actions and then record your child’s ability to imitate them successfully. The “Labelling” section is another example of one of the areas of ABLLS-R assessment in which the instructor records your child’s ability to name and classify different objects and groups of items. 


  • One therapist to one child intensive ABA training
  • Comprehensive and holistic curriculum individualized to your child’s learning needs.
  • Facilitating learning through engaging activities.
  • Tracking your child’s progress through WebABLLS/ABLLS-R.
  • Our supervisors monitor your child’s progress every week.
  • Monthly meetings with parents to review your child’s IEP and adjust the curriculum accordingly.


Our intensive ABA training program is a one-on-one, all-inclusive, and highly individualised intervention that accelerates the trajectory of the development of skills in children with special needs. We put an expert instructor to work who provides a stimulus to your child in order to assess skills depending on what he or she does and does not do. Moreover, we strongly believe that parents have an active role to play, so your input is taken into consideration.

Based on the results achieved from the ABLLS-R assessment, we create a holistic curriculum that caters to your child’s learning needs. Our ABA training aims to align their skills with different activities to engage them and facilitate their learning. Our therapists track your child’s progress every week to ensure they are meeting their goals and hold monthly meetings to update you. With your input, we review your child’s IEP and make necessary adjustments to your child’s curriculum. You can trust that we will be there at every stage of your child’s development.


Our therapists can also travel to your home to carry out the 1 to 1 Programme for your child. The ABA Training Home Programme focuses on teaching within your child’s natural environment as well as training family members on how to teach your child effectively.

Time:Monday – Friday
Morning Plan: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Afternoon Plan: Any 3-hour slot from 2.00pm – 6:30pm
Whole Day Plan: 9:00am – 12:00pm & 1:00pm – 4:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 12:00pm
Language:English / Cantonese
Price (per hour)*please contact us for most updated information
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Our intensive ABA training program is based on the science of behavior and learning. Our program depends on our knowledge of how the behavior of children works, how they are affected by the environment, and the best of learning. While conducting intensive ABA training, we seek to inculcate behaviors in children with developmental delays that are conducive to their growth and decrease the frequency of  behaviors that negatively affect their learning or harm them.

Our intensive ABA training program can help children with language disabilities and developmental delays to improve their communication skills, social skills, attention, memory, and behavioral issues. The ABLLS-R assessment conducted as a part of our ABA training program can help in developing your child’s school curriculum and formulating effective treatment programs that improve his or her communication and language skills. The ABA training program at our centre is designed to prepare learners to become a better individuals, adapt to changing environments, as well as function independently across different settings.

Our intensive ABA training program is conducted by a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), who has a master’s degree, PhD, or other specialization in behavioral sciences and psychology. Our professionals work directly with your child and have an in-depth understanding of his or her needs.

The ABLLS-R assessment conducted as a part of our intensive ABA training program is recommended for children of all ages. However, its main focus is to access the skillset of developing children in the age bracket of 2 and 6 years. This is the time when they learn to speak and understand their first language. Then as they progress, goals set will be changed according to their immediate needs. AFLS, IPG and social thinking program will be included based on set goals to each individual.

In some cases, your child’s insurance should cover his or her ABA training, especially if the doctor prescribes that your child medically requires the program. There are some private health insurance providers that do provide coverage. However, it’s best to get in touch with your insurance provider to get more clarity so that you can prepare your finances accordingly.

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