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Parents Don’t Cause Autism, but They Can Make a Difference
Since the condition was first recognised in the 1940s, parents have been and felt blamed for their children’s autism. Today, most people no longer believe this, but a lingering doubt continues to niggle many parents. Autism was first identified in the era of psychoanalysis, when professionals looked closely at relationships to explain disability and mental illness....
ARN Endorsement by Dr. Partington
Book of the Month: Capturing the Motivation of Children
This month, we selected a book that we think would allow parents to have a more complete understanding of how to deal with their child’s lack of motivation. To help an individual with autism learn critical new skills and willingly participate in social interactions, a parent or educator needs to know how to capture the...
Training with Dr. James Partington on December 3
As part of ARN's vigorous staff training, we invited Dr James Partington down this week to take us through the many facets of dealing with kids with autism and other developmental delays. Dr Partington is the developer of the ABLLS-R, pioneering the inclusion of verbal behavior into applied behavioral analysis. He oversees and steers...

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