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Salary norms in Government-funded social service professions to increase by up to 12%

People employed in programmes funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will from Apr 1 have their salary norms enhanced by up to 12 per cent, said Minister Desmond Lee on Wednesday (Mar 7). These professions include early intervention and special education teaching staff; psychologists, social workers, therapists, nurses and others. “For example,…
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Call to integrate people with disabilities early

When it comes to the employment prospects of people with disabilities, let's start young. Singaporeans, with and without disabilities, should be studying and playing together as children. That is the view of industry stakeholders, who said early integration of those with disabilities is a possible way to raise their employment rate. Disabled People's Association executive…
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Sensory room offers calm space for developmentally disabled workers

For most people, navigating the constant distractions of daily life — full of glowing screens, calls, texts, ambient noise, and hectic schedules — is difficult enough. Now imagine trying to do it without the cognitive mechanisms that let most people shrug off those waves of stimuli, or with those distractions amplified, brightened, sped up, or…
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Increased support for caregivers of people with disabilities

A “Caregivers’ Space” and a simplified application process for foreign domestic worker assistance schemes will be launched to increase support for caregivers of people with disabilities, announced the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) on Wednesday (Mar 7). “The role of a caregiver is critical but challenging … There is much to be gained from the support…
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