In the past 15 years, Autism Recovery Network has significant rate of recovery and mainstreaming for children with ASD.
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How do we do that?

• Our intensive training and continuous support

We provide our staff with intensive and comprehensive training with continuous support to become effective in ABA.

• Our in-depth experience and expertise

We possess in-depth understanding of behavioral principles with expert supervision applying these behavioral methods. Our supervisors possess 10 to 18 years of experience and expertise in ABA therapy.

• Our unflagging passion and commitment

We acknowledge that cost and price should not be the driving factor behind effective treatment, but quality, passion and commitment.

Autism Recovery Network has all these qualities as proven and backed by our track record and awards.

What is our mission?

We advocate, promote and value the rights of children with autism. We also create opportunities for meaningful child education and participation. There are some children who have been able to overcome the deficits associated with the diagnosis of autism to the point that they no longer meet the behavioral criteria that caused them to get their diagnosis. These kids are considered to have “recovered” from autism. The number of children enjoying this best outcome has grown over the years as teaching methods and dietary understanding has improved.
However, the number of kids recovering from autism remains far too small and more work needs to be done.


In our mission to work towards a higher recovery rate for children with autism, we firmly believe and steadfastly uphold these core values in our work:

• We adhere to professional ethics and an international standard of clinical intervention.
• We are accountable to children, parents and other key stakeholders in our communication, performance and results.
• We respect and advocate rights of children with autism and their families as we believe in everyone’s innate and immutable dignity as human beings regardless of disability.
• We acknowledge that we cannot solve problems facing our children and families alone but can do so through team work and mutual partnerships with community partners in exploring options and facilitating decision-making on autism assessment and treatments.

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