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A child-centered play environment that encourages natural social interaction and long term friendships.


• 1 hour per week (combined with 2 hour school-time program)
• With siblings or peers of child
• Child-centered play with guidance from our special needs therapists

Teaching Goals

• Foster spontaneous, mutually enjoyed and reciprocal play among children on autism spectrum and typical peers
• Expand and diversify novice player’s social and symbolic play repertoire
• Enable novice and expert players to mediate play activities with minimal adult guidance


• Increases child’s motivation and enjoyment of social engagement
• Build relationships with peers/siblings through play experience
• Improves emotional and behavioral self-regulation
• Develops important socio-cognitive sub-skills like imitation and joint attention
• Develops language and communication skills

We are delighted to be the first autism service provider in Hong Kong and Singapore that is directly trained by Pamela Wolfberg, the founder of the award-winning social treatment program Integrated Play Groups® (IPG). We are officially listed as a provider of IPG®s (in training) in Asia. The standards of IPG® are upheld by the close supervision and consultation of Dr Wolfberg with our team of therapists.

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