Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

We can conduct ABA therapy (with an emphasis on Verbal Behavior) using natural environment teaching (NET) in homes, nurseries and schools.
To increase the likelihood of the child using skills acquired, the entire house is utilized as a learning environment where the therapist moves around with your child to incorporate incidental teaching, natural environment teaching and generalization.
Family members are free to continue their daily activities while the session is conducted. The home environment gives all your family members opportunities to learn teaching strategies and adopt appropriate learning goals for the child.

We can also provide support for your child at their nursery or school.

All children will have play programs as part of their one-to-one work and will be taught precise play skills with a range of toys. During playtime, the child is encouraged to play appropriately on the play equipment. They will also learn turn taking and peer play skills.
We also provide coaching for parents who are participating or have participated in an early intervention program. After attending a one-week training in ABA-VB at our centre, they can then participate in home-therapy sessions conducted jointly with one of our therapists. These sessions will occur in the parent’s/child’s home. Over time, parents can expect to:
• Decrease their child’s behavioral issues at home
• Increase their child’s ability to follow-up with ongoing teaching targets
• Improve their child’s social interaction with loved ones and friends
• Increase their own confidence in facilitating ongoing learning as their child grows older
As the only ABA-VB service provider directly trained and supervised by Dr. Partington on the use of ABLLS-R and WebABLLS (the web version of ABLLS-R), our therapists will also help to train parents to use this effective tool to follow up on therapy sessions.
It shows the child’s progress and achievement in each skill domain at a glance. Parents can find out more about the skills currently being taught and watch video demonstrations. Our therapists and staff will continue to support them to modify the programs and assessments when necessary.
The child’s progress will be evaluated based on the data gathered by the therapist. Regular team meetings will be conducted to discuss the effectiveness/inefficiency of the program, so actions can be taken.

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