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Living With Invisible Disabilities

Unlike a person in a wheelchair, or one who uses a cane or wears a hearing aid, some conditions - such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and intellectual or developmental disabilities - are not immediately apparent. With a greying population, Singapore has more seniors with some form of disability due to dementia and…
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Boy with autism has few playmates

Nine-year-old Umar Haziq loves going to the playground and interacting with other children. But he finds it hard to understand play rules and unwittingly alienates himself from the rest. What the children do not understand is that Umar has autism. It affects his learning development and impairs his social interaction and communication skills. His father,…
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Equip parents to homeschool special-needs children

I read with interest the report “650 more day activity places for adults with disabilities by 2021” (Jan 8), which mentioned that the Autism Association will pilot a programme for caregivers to be trained by professionals to teach their special-needs children independent-living skills. I believe that we can go further to encourage and equip parents…
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