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Let Talents Lead when Teaching Kids with Autism
Academic achievement and life skills seem to be emphasised when educating children with autism ("Day centre in Clementi for adults with autism"; Jan 8). Perhaps the objective is to reduce the burden on caregivers: The children are preoccupied with academic studies, so they don't get into trouble. They also learn basic skills to take care of...
The Truth About The Competition
To assist parents in making the right choice, we would like to share some questionable tactics that some autism businesses use. We hope that doing so will help to raise the quality of autism therapy services, and prevent parents from falling victim to some questionable businesses. Competitor A: Turn and churn, well-marketed expensive therapy centre This competitor...
Parents Don’t Cause Autism, but They Can Make a Difference
Since the condition was first recognised in the 1940s, parents have been and felt blamed for their children’s autism. Today, most people no longer believe this, but a lingering doubt continues to niggle many parents. Autism was first identified in the era of psychoanalysis, when professionals looked closely at relationships to explain disability and mental illness....
ARN Endorsement by Dr. Partington

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