Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Special Education (SEN) in Hong Kong
Teaching critical skills and the development of important patterns of behavior to children with special needs create a lot of opportunities for them to receive special education.
Learning readiness, ability to communicate, play, understanding of language, expressive skills, social interaction, group participation and self-help skills will equip a SEN child to participate in a mainstream and school inclusion setting.

Some difficulties that teachers of special education in Hong Kong are facing is how to manage SEN children to remain calm, be flexible with changes, develop sustained focused attention, fluently respond to instructions, and make spontaneous and persistent responding.

The provision of special education in Hong Kong is still an ongoing challenge for families of autistic children and other developmental disabilities. Special education comes in many form, one of them is the one on one intensive Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior (ABA-VB) therapy that uses evidence-based teaching concepts and procedures. It simplifies concepts to teach in discrete trials and uses specific prompt procedures to help children successfully respond to instructions. Reinforcement is given to strengthen correct responses and maintain target appropriate behaviors.

Early intervention also helps a SEN child to be more prepared when the time comes for him/her to go to a higher inclusion program. In Hong Kong, many schools have put up a Special Education Needs Department to specifically support students in the mainstream. They work hand in hand with other professionals such as Behavior Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physiotherapists. The need to enhance training of people who can help SEN in Hong Kong is essential in making it more accessible to every child and families who need it.

To be in a special education program is one thing, but finding an effective intervention for SEN children especially in Hong Kong is another. Parents and their families should be able to find a program that will provide their child specialized instruction designed to meet their unique learning needs, giving them the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and to overcome or eliminate the obstacles that keep children with disabilities from learning.

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