As part of ARN’s vigorous staff training, we invited Dr James Partington down this week to take us through the many facets of dealing with kids with autism and other developmental delays.

Dr Partington is the developer of the ABLLS-R, pioneering the inclusion of verbal behavior into applied behavioral analysis. He oversees and steers the application and advancement of the ABA‐VB methodology in our curriculum development.

During the training, Dr Partington shared his insights and experiences of dealing with kids with autism and other developmental delays. He also covered in depth the 544 skills from 25 skill areas that most typically developing children should acquire prior to entering kindergarten.

These skill areas include language, social interaction, self-help, academic and motor skills. He went on to train our staff in helping kids with autism and other developmental delays acquire these skills, with task items within each skill area arranged from simpler to more complex tasks.

The training provided invaluable input for our staff as they got the opportunity to hone, refine and upgrade their skills, and is part of the intensive, comprehensive and continuous training ARN provides for our staff. It enables us to be sophisticated, consistent and up-to-date in our clinical practices so as best to meet the needs of children experiencing developmental delays.

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