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Motivate Through Reinforcement 透過獎勵引起學習動機

Motivation is a topic that is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be. Motivation plays a crucial role in facilitating learning regardless of age or skills level. We are usually motivated to behave in a certain way to achieve a particular outcome. 學習動機是一個值得關注而往往被人忽略的課題。無論學生的能力和年紀,學習動機在學習過程中起著關鍵作用。我們經常被鼓勵以特定方式行動來達到期望結果。 It is important to observe your child’s behaviors and what they are motivated by.…
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Get Your Kid to Wear a Mask 如何讓孩子戴口罩

To protect against the new virus known as 2019n-CoV, we have to wear surgical masks and frequently wash hands with soap.For children with autism, however, this change in routine may present some problems. Consequently, we understand that it may be hard for them to cooperate, perhaps refusing to wear masks or wash hands.Many of our…
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Tips to Conduct ABA Therapy at Home 家居ABA訓練

Want to carry on what your child is learning in their ABA therapy? Here are some top tips when delivering the instructions to help increase the likelihood of your child giving the correct response. 想於家裡繼續為你的孩子進行ABA訓練?以下是有助孩子正確回應指令的6個小貼士。 Know your child’s level 了解孩子的程度 Start off with giving short and simple instructions. When you are at the initial stages…
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Restaurant in Morocco changes perceptions about disability

A remarkable restaurant in Morocco’s capital offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a full, fresh and flavourful meal. But what’s most remarkable are the chefs of Rabat: all have developmental disabilities. The initiative was set up 20 years ago by Amna Msefer who wanted to give Loubna, her daughter who has disabilities, educational and…
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