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A Letter of Thanks

This is a letter of thanks from Josephine, the mother of Ronnie Ng: My son had been going for treatment at other centres for almost a year but there was no improvement at all. He was still completely lost in his own world and would avoid eye contact and refuse to engage with anyone. I…
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Keep long-term interests of special needs kids in mind

11 August 2016 I agree with the Ministry of Education that we should not rush into making special needs education compulsory at this stage ("Why no compulsory education yet"; July 31). By all means, offer free quality education to all children with special needs. However, don't take away the option to choose something more suitable,…
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Integration idea may not work with all special needs children

There has been a recent surge in the number of people advocating mainstream schooling for children with developmental delays and disabilities. Programmes promoting inclusion of children with special needs do have some benefits. Typically developing children get to learn, study and play with special needs children in a classroom setting. As a result, they often…
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